Customized Millwork Ideas For The Yard And Garden

Beautiful custom craftsmanship is not reserved for the interiors of the home. In fact, there are many ways to integrate handcrafted millwork and features in the yard and garden of your house, too. Talk with craftsmen or contractors about options, or try the following ideas.

Palatial pillars

Give your deck or patio an entirely different look with some handcrafted wood pillars. These may be used to support or reinforce an overhead structure, which makes these outside spaces perfect in all kinds of weather, or they may simply be added to an existing porch or a yard to give it a regal look. Either way, these provide a dignified touch to your home's curb appeal and complement homes with a Victorian or colonial style.

Dignified decks

For a truly beautiful deck, talk with contractors and woodworkers to find special types of wood and unique millwork detailing that will set your deck apart from all others. This may be implemented through distinctive seating around the perimeter of the deck or it may embrace a tongue-and-groove technique that shows true craftsmanship on the structure.

Regal railings

If you have an area of the property that would benefit from railings, such as hilly terrain, decking, or steps, bring some class to your property with handcrafted wood railings. These simple details can make a huge difference in the overall curb appeal of the home, and may be crafted to mimic architectural details seen in your home's structure or facade.

Sophisticated steps

Steps don't have to be simple and straight-forward; talk with craftsmen about the unique ways to integrate and create distinctive stairs and steps on your property. If the steps are to provide access to higher ground, consider unique risers that embrace carved detailing and scrolled woodwork. This will add some flair to these utilitarian features.

Posh pergolas

Another great way to bring a touch of sophistication and style to your yard is with a handcrafted or carved pergola. These are a great feature that provides an entry to the property, and there is ample room to add beautiful millwork and distinctive types of wood to the project. These also can be a foundation for gardens, trellises, and other living accents, which improve the overall look of the yard.

Bringing custom woodwork to the yard and garden can provide a focal point for the property that seamlessly melds with the natural surroundings. Try these ideas, and talk with contractors and carpenters like those at Warburton Woodworks Ltd regarding the best way to implement these touches that will be not only lovely, but provide utility to the space, too.